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Misguided Judgments that are Keeping Golf Players from Improving

One reason I began practical Golf was to help stopped the myths that golf players spread among themselves. Game improvement exhortation is regularly similar to a round of phone from your adolescence – when it contacts you, the data isn't useful. 


Practice Makes Perfect

At the point when I originally took up golf as a kid, I was obsessed with practicing. I would hit 300 balls at the range until my hands bled. At that point, I assumed that those hours spent practicing would straightforwardly mean better performance on the course. At the point when I didn't play just as I expected, I lost my temper and invested a lot of time sulking through rounds. What I didn't know was that golf is much something other than training and that there had to be more of a balance with learning how to play on the course.


Cautious Golf Is Always Better Golf

Swing tempo is one of the most misunderstood topics about the golf swing. In my opinion, the concept is glossed over way too often by the teaching community. Unfortunately, when it comes to the timing of your golf swing, we are usually left with notions like “swing smooth and easy.” Phrases like that don’t give any actionable advice.


Hit Down On It

Incidentally, golf players spread the idea of hitting down ready as the most ideal approach to improve as an iron player. Indeed, even I used to tell individuals, "you need to hit down ready to cause it to go up."

Yet, what does that even mean?

A lot of us take our cues to viewing the professionals on television. Generally, you'll see the best golf players on the planet taking immense divots that fly a couple of feet before them. When I was a junior golfer, I used to try and mimic them, and I would slam my irons into the artificial turf at the driving range. It didn’t make me any better.


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