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Concepts that you Need to Know About Golf Gear

Here are the ideas that I figure each golf player should know with regards to golf gear… 


There Are No Standards

There are no general guidelines in the golf business. Shaft flex, loft, lie angle, and a few other significant specs are not made equal. You can make an argument that the shaft business experiences the most this issue. Where one organization may list their shaft as a firm flex, another could deem it regular. There isn't a golf guard dog association who holds them to an performance standard. Tragically, golf players base their buy choices with negligible information and assume all are made equivalent. 


When To Get Custom Fit

Another steady legend out there is that custom fitting is just for advanced golf players. This isn't correct. The opposite is typically right. Golf players who are less gifted at striking the ball need all the help they can get. Why make the game harder for yourself? On the other hand, an extremely gifted ball striker can make subtle adjustments to make up for clubs that aren't really directly for them.


They're Mostly Great, But Not the Same

The entirety of golf gear makers are making incredible items. They utilize high level ability (think aviation design specialists)who are continually trying to push the boundaries of performance each year. Regardless of that, each OEM has different design philosophies, which make their clubs perform uniquely for each golfer.

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